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Symposia 2022
GUHP Emerging:
The Second Annual Spring Symposia May, 2022
Three events featuring emerging scholars who participated in GUHP's 2021-22 Mentorship Program as part of our four "Dream Conversations"
(Discussants TBA)

Symposium 1: Global Urban Environments — Thursday, May 19, 2022, 4-6PM UTC

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  • Lucia Carminati, Fecal Matters in the Suez Canal: Bringing Order to the Ordure of Early Port Said
  • Adrian Lerner, Staying Afloat: Urbanization and Poverty in Cold War Amazonia
  • Catherine Oliver, Unearthing London’s Urban Barnyard: Galline Life in and beyond Anthropocene Cities
  • Brian Spivey, Bitter Water: Toxicity, Water, and Science in a Chinese Mining City


Symposium 2: Global Urban Imaginaries — Friday, May 20, 2022, 4-6PM UTC

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  • Gabriel Doyle, The making of an imperial periphery: nature and extraterritoriality in the north of Istanbul in the late Ottoman era
  • Tamer Elshayal, Shelter, Human Settlements, and the Urban Planet: The Politics of Scale at the United Nations Center for Housing, Building and Planning, 1963-1977
  • Andrew Hedden, Empire in Need: Seattle and the U.S. Federal Government in the 1970s
  • Daniela Samur, Bogotá’s World of Books: The Beautification and Commodification of the Urban, 1880s-1920s


Symposium 3: Mock Job Talks — Thursday, May 26, 12-2PM UTC

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  • Nicole Gipson, Welfare Hotels: Race, Gender, and Family Homelessness (1970–1990)
  • Queenie Lin, Beyond the Dutch Paradigms: The Cosmopolitan Hybrid of the Seventeenth-century Dutch Overseas Settlements in Formosa and New Netherland
  • Vyta Pivo, Global Politics of Concrete in the Anthropocene
  • Zhengfeng Wang, Refrigerated Space as Contact Zone: Techno-politics of Food Provisioning in Treaty Port Cities in China