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The Member Directory allows you to view members. (Note that your own directory information can be updated by clicking the Profile link.) Begin by specifying a search value and clicking the "Search" button. The system will display matching members. If no search value is specified, all members will be displayed.  If there are more than 24 matching items, use the Paging controls to see additional pages. Click the member's photo or name to see the bio for that member. (If a down arrow is not displayed when you move your mouse over the photo, that member has chosen not to display a bio. Note that members can also choose to completely remove their names from this list.)
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American University of Beirut
Assistant Professor

My Work: I am an urban historian specialized in the late Ottoman and post-Ottoman history of the Eastern Medi...[More]
Jawaharlal Nehru University

My Work: My work, which broadly deals with the urban history of India, often engages with the transformations...[More]
Department of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines-Manila
Assoc Prof

My Work: My work centers around urban subaltern politics and history in the Philippines. I particularly trac...[More]
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Assistant Professor

My Work: I am a historian of architecture and urbanism with a particular interest in the global provenance of...[More]
Universität Bremen
PhD student

My Work: I research the interconnections between non-white/non-European mobility and work and transoceanic tr...[More]

My Work: I have worked for several historical project for Ottoman cities. Especially I mapped the Ottoman cit...[More]
IISER Mohali
Postdoctoral Fellow

My Work: Located within a broader specialisation in the history of modern South Asia, my research focuses on ...[More]
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Assistant Professor of History

My Work: I am a cultural and political historian of the modern Middle East and Islamic World with a focus on ...[More]
New York University
Graduate Worker

My Work: I'm currently writing a dissertation that follows the nineteenth and early twentieth grain trade in ...[More]

My Work: My current project, tentatively titled “Urbanization, Land Regimes, and Global Connections: Twentiet...[More]
University of Pennsylvania
PhD Student

My Work: I am a first-year doctoral student in City and Regional Planning and the inaugural Fellow in the Ini...[More]
Dalhousie University
Postdoctoral Researchers

My Work: I am a scholar of religion, gender, and urbanization in modern South Africa. My doctoral dissertatio...[More]
Leipzig University
Senior researcher

My Work: Geert Castryck is a historian specialized in African and global history, particularly focusing on Ea...[More]

My Work: My PhD dissertation provides an historical account of the emergence of entrepreneurial elites as a s...[More]
Lingnan University
Research Assistant Professor

My Work: My research looks at trans-colonial migration and how migrants create trans-imperial synergy by usin...[More]
Washington State University Vancouver
Assistant Professor

My Work: Andra B. Chastain, assistant professor of history at Washington State University Vancouver, is a his...[More]
Columbia University in the City of New York
PhD Candidate

My Work: My research is focused on how civic administrators used technologies to manage the spaces of stigmat...[More]
University of Hong Kong
Associate Professor of Practice in Urban Heritage and Sustainability

My Work: Dear Carl (if I may), I have learned about this project through different sources, most recently...[More]
Connecticut College
Associate Professor

My Work: Histories of Capitalism, Labor, and Space
University of Saint Joseph

My Work: My project is an intersection of religious history (focusing on the missionaries and their practices...[More]
University of Groningen
Associate professor

My Work: My work focuses on urban governance and its impact on the social and political configurations of urb...[More]
Wentworth Institute of Technology

My Work: Dr. Robert Cowherd is Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, USA. He is an architec...[More]
Cornell University
Marie Underhill Noll Professor of History

My Work: Trained as a Latin Americanist, my work revolves around the intersection of space, politics, and eve...[More]
University of Virginia
Associate Professor of Architectural History

My Work: My research examines the history and theory of modern architecture and urbanism, with a particular i...[More]